Everyday companies are signing contracts with marketing agencies.  Depending on the scope of the project, oftentimes the larger more well known agencies get the business.  In this post we will outline 5 reasons your company should consider a boutique marketing agency.  We will also explain when it is good to stick with or seek out a larger agency.

Bigger is not always better

Many companies get caught up in the same “bigger is better” mentality. Whether it is name recognition or lack of information, companies believe that a larger agency is better suited to their needs than a boutique agency.  Think about that.  Bigger agencies have more overhead which usually correlates to higher service costs, oftentimes a lot higher.

There are cases where this thinking may be right, if you are trying to take a product or service globally, or running a large national campaign, but most often you will find a better fit with a boutique agency.  You don’t think so?  Say hello to us and find out!

Get the attention you deserve

It is pretty well known that when you hire a large marketing agency, you were likely sold by a partner, managing director, or any C-suite title.  Almost always after signing that contract, your company gets passed off to a project manager, or department director with much less experience than what you signed up for. The disconnect between the executive who sold you and the person in charge of your account is massive.

When deciding who should handle your marketing needs, always keep in mind who will be your point of contact on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  Do not fall for the dink and dunk switch again.

Subject Matter Expert Teams

Ever notice when researching a large agency the consistency in job titles?  We encourage you to think to yourself, are these the people I need?  Another great resource a boutique agency can give you is a team with subject matter experts that are specific to your needs.  A lot of boutique agencies work with partners, or freelancers on a project by project basis to help save costs, while building a team that is solely focused on what your marketing needs.

Save Money

Every business owner likes saving money.  Do you  know what they love even more?  Saving money while still getting quality work.  A benefit of working with a smaller marketing company is that they typically have less overhead, which usually translates to smaller fees.  There will be things that are very similar in costs, and those are typically fixed costs like advertisement spends and equipment to name a couple.  Where you will find the best savings is in marketing and branding is consulting.  You have the opportunity to hire people as experienced as employees of the large agency, but without all the baggage and fees.

A Unique Experience

Companies that are used to hiring the large agency to handle their marketing and branding services are likely used to speaking with an account manager and are treated just like any other client of that agency.  When you hire a boutique agency, you will be exposed to a more unique experience.  One where you are given more attention, one that has not as much red tape that you are used to, which usually means you can try different strategies and tactics.

When you are with a boutique agency, you are a big part of their business.  Remember the smaller agencies do not have as many clients, therefore they need to treat them and have a customer first mentality everyday.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, we encourage you to reach out and have a conversation with our team.  It may lead to something great, or you might not be ready for a change.  Either way, it is still worth 30 minutes, don’t you think?