Are You a Trendsetter?

By Audrey Y | September 20, 2016

Forecasting the weather isn’t difficult. Go online, watch the local news, or use instruments such as a barometer and a weather vane to play amateur weatherman. It’s not a perfect science, but you’ll obtain fairly accurate information most of the time.

Forecasting changes in public opinion and market trends that affect your business or your campaign is a much greater challenge. There are few available tools at one’s disposal to predict where trends will take us in six months, let alone six years. Whether it’s the surprising take-off of the social media-driven ice bucket challenge of summer 2014, the latest fashion trends, opinions regarding the Keystone Pipeline, or the trajectory of a presidential campaign, predictions are frequently no more reliable than using the magic 8-ball.

Enter Wholecrowd. Wholecrowd can help detect trends as they develop, so your company or campaign can turn challenges into opportunities. Wholecrowd does this in two ways.

First, Wholecrowd monitors and measures social media activity. Want to know how many people are talking about your product, your company, your university, or your cause? Enter search terms into the Wholecrowd platform and obtain reports on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Wholecrowd measures activity. Not only can you find out how many people are talking about your search terms, you can measure positive and negative sentiment.

Second, Wholecrowd figures out how to engage with people about a product or cause. The platform measures how successful each engagements is, so your campaign can adjust and improve over time. What time of the day or week is most opportune? What kind of messaging works best with women? With men? On the West Coast? Video or images?

This capability sets Wholecrowd apart from other social media engagement tools. Wholecrowd connects disparate pieces of data to predict how our clients can best influence public opinion, drive social media conversations, and build a crowd of customers or activists.

Whether you are trying to detect trends related to a product, cause or campaign, figure out how to take advantage of changes in public opinion, or just identify the latest fads before your competitors, the Wholecrowd platform offers unparalleled opportunity. Its unique, data-driven analytics provide our customers a competitive advantage.

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