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Digital Presence Management


Building an integrated digital presence is like building a symphony. All parts, though essential and detailed on their own, must be well choreographed to deliver as a whole to create success. Wholecrowd teams are handbuilt for each client based on the specific outcomes from our Audit process. Organizations arrive at various stages of digital maturity. Our focus is on orchestrating harmony in-process and success in brand-growth.

Brand Reputation

In today’s global digital marketplace, a brand is vulnerable. It can be built or ruined with reviews, happy or unhappy customers, influencers, and competitors. Knowing what and where information is shared, what positive or negative trends are spiking, and having the ability to address or promote this information properly takes the knowledge and skillset of a specialist. The Wholecrowd Brand Reputation teams help your brand maintain equilibrium in the marketplace and provide insights for peace of mind.

Project Management

We provide our clients with leadership, strategy, communication, and creativity expected to start and complete every engagement on-time and on-budget. Our project management services include developing and implementing a project plan, defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the resources needed, and determining global budgets and timelines for completion. Whether the project is short-term or long-term, Wholecrowd will map out a strategy that is customized for each engagement.

Marketing + Communications

Branding + Identity

Development of a new brand, brand enhancements, or complete re-branding are exercises that require and deserve significant attention. Brands are not merely an icon or a logo. A brand is truly how the world knows you or how you want to be perceived. It is how you present, both visually and culturally, and today, more than ever, carries a voice and shares to the world what you stand for. Wholecrowd Brand Specialists take our clients through a process of brand clarification resulting in a creative brief that guides the development of iconic identities and brands that will carry on for years.

Content + Creative

From concept to creation, your Wholecrowd creative team prides itself on being obsessed with ensuring your brand’s content is aligned with a pre-defined digital strategy and goals. Leveraging brand standards for consistency, creation of unique on-brand templates, A/B testing methods, and refinement of messaging ensures your brand content is always aligned. Whether B-B or B-C, customer personas, and voice development is an integral part of the groundwork of our content creation strategy.

Public Relations

Communications and Public Relations fences are a thing of the past. Leading companies understand the digital era opened all communications pathways making it imperative to treat ‘digital’ as a whole. From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Identification of social influencers, events, tradeshows, advertising, and traditional press, the Wholecrowd Communications team will partner with you to develop a Communications/PR strategy and execute on a plan that meets growth and awareness objectives.

Digital Transformation


Whether an emerging or established company, businesses today are taking action to ensure they’re able to compete and stay relevant in the digital arena. The drastic cost-reduction of Cloud Computing, AI, and Data Science has opened the door for companies of all sizes to leverage and create digital customer solutions, as well as internal transformation solutions that help them compete and gain a competitive edge. The Wholecrowd Digital Strategy team provides a technology-agnostic approach to identify where opportunities for transformation exist.


Having a clear understanding of how a customer navigates through Omni-channels to discover and engage with a brand is key to future success in today’s rapidly changing digital market-place. Through Customer Journey Mapping (CJM), Customer Experience focused design (CX), extensive team interviews, market, and competitor analysis, we deliver industry and productivity opportunities that help organizations differentiate themselves and compete in the marketplace.


The Wholecrowd development teams are poised to respond to client needs by leveraging the most current and reliable development languages and platforms. Our initial discovery phase of development projects ensures the technologies are balanced, and right-sized to support current budgets and future growth objectives.


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