Crowd Statistics

The Wholecrowd Influencer Engine records all social media account data and activity. Likes, followers, shares, retweets, and much more are monitored and displayed visually on your dashboard.

Influencers Defined

Knowing your audience and demographic breakdown can help tailor messaging and graphics for optimal social engagements. Our influencer engine helps discover these influencers which increases brand awareness and marketing potential when an influencer relationship is sparked.

Crowd Builder

Let’s grow your crowd! While utilizing our influence engine, clients will have access to the Wholecrowd Consulting services. We will give you tips and assist in growing an audience that is targeted for your business.

Wholecrowd Index

Creating great copy for social media messages can be tough, but we just made it easier. Our Wholecrowd Index ranks each of your posts using an algorithm that accounts for impressions, engagements, virality, and more. See how your messages are performing from a “one star” post to “gold trophy” status.

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