Fake news, seemingly restrictive social media regulations, garbage content. Is there a real reason any organization should even attempt to build a digital presence strategy among all of today’s challenges? Is it possible to attract and keep eyeballs on your content and build a brand following?

The answer, of course, is yes. And more so, there’s never been a better and more appropriate time to lean in, clarify or begin your organization’s online communications strategy.

Gone are the days of blind brand loyalty. To be successful in business today involves building and maintaining an ongoing dialogue and conversation with your clients and customers – one where you’re delivering value long before any purchase decision is made. It’s expected. If you’re not doing it, your competition is, and you’ll inevitably experience a slip in market share.

Buyers are fickle: in the B-B space as well as the B-C space. Just as in personal relationships, business relationships take work, so the more you put into building and maintaining that relationship, the stronger that bond will be when a purchase decision is underway. The construction of that targeted, lasting, online dialogue requires varied strategic approaches based on your industry, product, or services category.

With a clear micro-targeted digital strategy, brands won’t feel like a needle in a haystack. They can strategically build their audience following, strengthen customer experiences and relationships. Success always begins with the end in mind: understanding your mission and defining your goal.

Building a meaningful digital presence that is “on-point” and “on-brand” begins with understanding what the market is saying about you, your competitors, and your industry. A well-planned Digital Presence Audit or Brand Reputation Audit will provide the detailed information necessary to ensure your messages target the right audiences from the start and will provide the roadmap of how to keep those conversations engaging moving forward.

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Robin Schaffer
Senior Director, Business Development
and Client Services