When you’re a kid, you grow up believing in fairytales: stories of ordinary people becoming extraordinary, peasants turning into princesses who live happily ever after. But when the innocence of childhood fades and the reality of adulthood sets in, you quickly learn that fairytales are relegated to the imagination or perhaps a Hollywood movie. And when that cold, hard realization takes hold, it can be eye opening and discouraging.

So when fairytales do actually come to life, the world watches. The grandeur, the dresses, the rags-to-riches story that accompanies real-life fairytales is mesmerizing.

And so the story goes with the wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry. Their nuptials are sealed; how well their marriage perseveres the inevitable highs and lows remains to be seen.

What about a marriage between a brand and its crowd? We discussed in previous blog posts the importance of establishing relationships between a brand and its target audience, but how does that brand go about maintaining a healthy relationship?

A relationship between a brand and its crowd is obviously nowhere near as complicated as a marriage between two people. But healthy discipline is a must. When designing strategies to maintain your base of social media supporters, one keyword should be at the forefront: metrics. Random posts without basis in statistical analysis – why you post, when you post, and what types of content you post – seldom work to create effective engagement.

After each post, gather intelligence: how well did it perform in driving impressions, retweets, shares, comments, engagements, etc.? What type of content does the crowd engage with the most, and why? When was the most engaging content posted? What are the demographics of the people who followed the post?

Refresh your analysis regularly. Trends and appetites change constantly. What worked this month may not work next month. Setting up a system to track out clients’ social media metrics every month is one of our top priorities at Wholecrowd.

If any of this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Contact us to see how we can help you establish and maintain a healthy relationship between your brand and your crowd.