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By Audrey Y | June 19, 2018

To businesses that are unfamiliar with the social media opportunities, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may afford them the ability to market and grow their brand or cause. Social media can be stressful. What type of content will get the best feedback? How do I get people to advocate for my business? What do I do if someone mocks or derides my company’s products and services on social media?

The solution? Imagine a platform that could connect you to a potential crowd of supporters and customers through an influence engine. This is the Wholecrowd advantage: an affordable and simple engine that connects your organization to a crowd of potential activists or customers through direct engagement. Wholecrowd finds people on social media who have expressed organic interest in your product or cause and then connects you to them.

The Wholecrowd Influence Engine does this by combining cutting-edge technology with experienced know-how. Data-driven analysis facilitates effective marketing and outreach by targeting the influential social media users who will be receptive to your product or cause through the best possible messages at the ideal dates and times.

Know exactly who you are talking to and what content with which to engage.

Too often, social media marketing is built on faulty assumptions and myths. One of the most common marketing errors: many organizations assume that because a user mentions their brand positively online, the user likely follows them on social media. That’s not necessarily true. Ninety-six percent of individuals who discuss a brand online do not follow that brand on social media.

That’s a major lost opportunity. Sixty-two percent of millennials say they are more likely to become brand loyalists if they are directly engaged with that brand online. Therefore, being mentioned on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is not sufficient. Instead, use Wholecrowd to build direct, one-on-one engagement with users that allows current and prospective customers to feel like they have a say in what your company promotes.

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