Brands, both big and small, at some point will have to deal with a crisis. In the modern age, the way we react and respond to these crises has changed with the increasing popularity of digital media. Inserting your brand into a national or viral conversation – in an appropriate way – often relies on social media.

However, some brands struggle to interject the correct message into a difficult discussion in a tasteful manner. We’ve put together a few tips to help brands create a successful strategy around challenging events.

1. Think about the people
When faced with a crisis or a tragedy, some brands choose to use these events to promote their products or services s by offering a discount.

Pro tip: Think twice. It may come across as tacky and disrespectful to those who were deeply affected by these incidents. Before you post, think about the people and how they will consume your message. At the end of the day, your people are your brand, so when communicating with them, always think about the people first.


2. Keep it simple
It sounds cliché, but when it comes to expressing sympathies or reacting to a crisis, sometimes a little goes a long way. Messages of condolences don’t need to be long or use catchy statements that say something profound. A simple “Today we remember those affected” is a short and meaningful way to acknowledge the situation and pay your respects. So, if you do engage your crowd in these moments, keep it short and keep it simple.

3. Provide information
When appropriate, it’s a good idea to provide your crowd with useful information to help deal with the situation. Tagging a brand or non-profit that is helping raise awareness is a great step in the right direction. In cases such as natural disasters, do some research and find organizations that help to promote safety during these times. Insurance companies and insurance non-profits are